Increased fidelity.

Centervention's comprehensive online provider training and ongoing support, along with customizable adherence monitoring tools, make it easy for providers to comply with program protocols.

Improved outcomes.

In addition to paving the way for better results through training and fidelity monitoring, Centervention tracks participant progress in real time, enabling providers to make adjustments mid-course to ensure program success.

Lower costs.

Centervention's online resources, including training and downloadable program materials, decrease typical implementation expenses and barriers like travel for in-person training, additional training due to staff turnover, and packaged training kits.

Greater sustainability.

Centervention's 24/7 access to training, ongoing support, and program materials help providers build and maintain their knowledge and comfort level in delivering the program over time.

Impressive usability.

Centervention is an intuitive, one-stop implementation system that simplifies the program delivery process with features like online data collection and automated alerts when program adherence drops.